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Jun 7
4 minute read
It’s one of my earliest childhood memories. Another batting failure at the top of the order, “Mom, I think I need a new cricket bat”....
Apr 11
13 minute read
“One thing is clear, something has to change if CFO’s are going to close the gap between the expectations of their CEO’s and the...
Mar 7
2 minute read
Khalid A. Al-Jabr, Qadeer Ahmed, Dahham Al-Anazi, Saudi Aramco
Feb 14
1 minute read
Many mining companies are currently experiencing good market conditions, so it may be the right time to review your financial...
Jun 5
5 minute read
“Efficiency is doing the thing right. Effectiveness is doing the right thing.” Peter Drucker According to a PWC assessment released...
Apr 12
5 minute read
According to Gartner, only 25% of ERP implementations actually end up meeting expectations. That is a startling statistic, I mean just...
Feb 8
6 minute read
According to PwC, 78% of survey respondents report that budgets do not align well with strategy and according to a Deloitte’s survey,...
Feb 8
5 minute read
The words ‘digital transformation’ are being hyped up to such a degree that in the minds of many it has become associated with...
Jan 11
2 minute read
“Leading organizations widely acknowledge that forecasting is at the heart of the performance management process and is potentially a...
Jul 12
5 minute read
If You Want to Grow, You Need to Let Go We live in an age of technology, information and alacritous change. This change was no more...