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38% of Accountants With Harmonious Use of Technology Have Low Burnout

99% of accountants previously reported experiencing burnout. Is tech burnout’s remedy?


Adam Zaki -


38% of Accountants With Harmonious Use of Technology Have Low Burnout

“Having technology that is built with the goals, skills, and needs of the accountants in mind creates a stronger relationship between the employee and the technology,” Whitmire said. “As our survey points out, that stronger relationship leads to accountants experiencing higher levels of satisfaction with their jobs and also gaining more time to complete tasks.”


In this article:

1. FloQast survey data shows a direct relationship between the level of burnout for accountants and their relationship with work-related technology.

2. Survey showed that 99% of accountants experienced some level of burnout, and its newest report shows that properly integrated technology solutions help improve employee satisfaction.

3.As the technology in accounting expands, organizations that implement these processes into their workflows are reaping benefits in both productivity and employee morale.

4. Findings revealed that, in looking back at the previous 12 months, accountants who enjoyed a synergistic relationship had fewer negative month-end close experiences. 

5. Mike Whitmire from FloQast said, “While technology is crucial in accounting, finding the right technology has large effects on employee experience and satisfaction. “Which, in turn, affects the company as a whole.”


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