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Survey: 5 Top Challenges and Priorities CFOs Face in 2022

While CFOs remain cautious about inflation and a potential global recession, they are adopting new strategies to push forward with growth initiatives.


Adam Zaki -

Nearly a quarter of respondents (22%) said their organizations were lagging in technology integration. A combined 31% said their organizations had a roadmap of tech-based solution implementation, while the majority of respondents’ answers (43%) said their organizations were already implementing or actively enhancing their technology suites. 


In this article;


1. CFOs Believe Inflation’s Negative Impacts On the Economy Will Last Two Years or Less

2. Despite Strong Need for Staff, CFOs May Halt Hiring

3. Due to Supply Chain Issues, CFOs are Investing in Operations

4. Nearly a Quarter of CFOs Say They Lag on Tech Integration 

5. Almost All CFOs are Seeking Data-Driven Hires for Accounting and Data Analysis Tasks

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The CFO survey was conducted between July 8, 2022, and July 14, 2022. A total of 180 readers participated in the survey, including 115 CFOs. 


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