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    Jun 30
    1 minute read
    Is your budgeting and forecasting process effective at driving strategic decision-making across the organization.
    Jun 21
    1 minute read
    What if there was a way to manage costs that emphasized funding growth as much as cost-cutting discipline? Let's take another look at...

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    Jun 7
    1 minute read
    CFOs should work to make their COA as small and streamlined as possible to avoid unnecessary accounting problems down the road.
    May 11
    1 minute read
    The software that accountants have access to may play a significant factor in their retention, new data shows.
    Apr 3
    2 minute read
    You have probably heard the saying that data may be the most valuable asset that a business owns. But it's not just data for data's...
    Mar 27
    1 minute read
    ZBB frees up unproductive costs and allows those savings to be taken to the bottom line or redirected to more productive areas that...
    Mar 20
    1 minute read
    This budgeting concept allows senior-leadership teams to put their money where their strategy is, aligning resources with business...
    Mar 13
    2 minute read
    Zero-based budgeting can drive significant and sustainable savings, but it is much more than simply building a budget from zero....
    Mar 1
    2 minute read
    Zero-based budgeting is a repeatable process that organizations use to rigorously review every dollar in the annual budget, manage...
    Feb 24
    2 minute read
    Zero-based budgeting is a valuable tool for organizations that are looking to improve their financial performance and control costs....