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Why Data Is the Foundation for Reliability

Khalid A. Al-Jabr, Qadeer Ahmed, Dahham Al-Anazi, Saudi Aramco




In this article the authors discuss the importance of data and its usage in the analysis of performance and reliability of equipment.


It comes as no surprise in an increasingly tech driven world, that the authors affirm data is the cornerstone for any operation to measure, analyse and ultimately improve reliability and asset costs. Accordingly it is critical to have accurate historical data from which useful decision-making information can be formed, however the authors contend that not all companies have the systems, process and culture to drive data collection and management.


As with any data system the old adage “Garbage in -> Garbage out” applies so data quality is at the heart of all reliability studies.


Furthermore correct decisions hinge not only on decision makers having accurate data and information but it must be readily available to make timely decisions. This is reinforced in the iconic quote of Lee Lacocca “The right decision is the wrong decision if made too late“.


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