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How to ensure you have a water tight budget

Many mining companies are currently experiencing good market conditions, so it may be the right time to review your financial processes to ensure you are ready for the next mining cycle and secure your long term survival and performance.


In this article the seven key measures identified by the author to improve companies’ financial processes and performance are;

  • Driving Productivity Improvements

  • Increased Visibility

  • Increased Control

  • Increased Predictability

  • Centralised Financial Platform

  • Dynamic Re-forecasting

  • Comprehensive Financial Planning

These measures may sound like standard processes you assume are built into your company processes but read on… The article delivers a compelling business case for each measure to ensure they are actually effective in your business. It may just cause you to question if you are doing enough in these areas for your company, not only for its ongoing long term survival but for its long term performance excellence.


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