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Challenges in your Business Intelligence Journey

Data may be the most valuable asset in business and it’s an asset that all businesses already own.

The Challenge

The Challenge for most businesses is leveraging this data into usable information and creating a data-driven business culture which effectively utilises this information to create increased business value …

60% of corporate business intelligence projects fail!
Nick Heudecker - Research Vice President at Gartner Inc.


5dcc1d_ec7e3dee3efd48888d7b87c12ad441dd_mv2BI Tools

The rapid rise of Business Intelligence (BI) tools has provided powerful opportunities to deliver information capable of resulting in genuine change to your business. This information has never been more accessible …


So why is it that so many businesses are struggling to effectively implement these tools.

"Data is what you need to do analytics. Information is what you need to do business.“ – John Owen

The Problem

BI transformation in today’s business environment is challenging. A big downfall of many BI transformations is the “iceberg effect”. That is, 90% of the focus being spent on 10% of the overall process - creating those much sought after reports!

This is often down to a lack of in-house expertise and people juggling their already over-busy work schedules. The result, a drawn out implementation process without robust procedures and processes - both critical to successful BI adoption.

One solution is hiring in-house personnel, however as management often does not have the skillset required to plan and manage these people, this can readily become a costly and unstructured process. Because of this more and more business are looking externally to provide this source of technical expertise …


5dcc1d_c2d007be6c5e4e15b9606204eaf5b266_mv2-1How Ramesys can support your Journey

We understand the 90% and with a clear focus on the value creation aspects, will rapidly develop sound data structures underpinning your information needs. We also happen to be pretty smart at delivering that final 10% - try it yourself on our website.

Ramesys in-house experts support all stages of your BI transformation journey.


  • Transformation Experts
  • ERP Solutions Architects
  • Data Warehouse Architects
  • BI Developers
  • PROSCI® Accredited Change Managers

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