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2023 Outlook: 4 Realms for Digital Acceleration

Human resources, technology integration, data reliability, and cybersecurity will all be part of digital acceleration strategies in 2023.


Adam Zaki -


As remote work environments and relocation to the cloud potentially lead to less reliable and secure datasets, CFOs must prioritize the accuracy of data. 




With a recession looming and a bleaker outlook for 2023 predicted, Adam Zaki from, suggests that like 2022, 2023 will continue to see an acceleration in the adoption of technological integration into workflows.


Interestingly, he mentions that with an increase in hybrid work environments and greater usage of cloud technology that this may lead to less reliable and secure datasets and as a result CFOs must prioritise the accuracy of data.


He goes on to say that the ability to predict, forecast, and analyse the huge amounts of data accumulated by operations is absolutely critical to a company’s growth and ensuring that financial data analysis is simple and accessible will be massively important in a volatile economy. 


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